BestPet Posh Pet Stroller Review


There are plenty of pet strollers for cats on the market today, so to help you with your decision, we are reviewing the Post Pet Stroller by BestPet in order to help you make a decision as to whether this stroller is a good fit for you and your feline’s needs.

Many people consider cats to be solely indoor animals, and for good reason! There are plenty of dangers outdoors for cats – including larger animals and cars, and unattended cats can actually cause issues with the local wildlife population. Therefore, if you do have a cat that insists on spending time outside, it is important to keep them under constant supervision. Thankfully, this is where a pet stroller for cats come in handy, and the Posh Pet Stroller is a great option for many.

This article will discuss basic product information, pros and cons, and any other things you should consider when deciding whether or not to make this purchase.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Exterior Dimensions Weight Tires Colors
25 Pounds 30”L x 19”W x 37”H 12 Pounds 2 Front, 2 Rear Blue; Orange; Pink; Red; Teal; Leopard


The Posh Pet Stroller is good for a lot of different reasons, but one of the biggest draws of this particular stroller for cats is the simplicity. While it may be too simple for some, the simple design and features are a draw for many; it does not feature the bells and whistles can end up being more cumbersome than helpful.

Another huge draw of this stroller is the low height of the carriage. This carriage is significantly closer to the ground compared to many of the other strollers for both cats and dogs we have reviewed recently. This means that if your cat is unable to jump for whatever reason- age, illness, or handicap – it is easy for your cat to get in and out safely and without help.

This stroller also boasts screens that protect against the sun’s UV rays. This is a huge benefit, as even though cats are covered in fur, they can still develop skin cancer. Cats that have light fur and/or pink noses and foot pads are particularly susceptible to sun damage. Protecting your cat from UV damage is just one piece of the puzzle to allow your cat to live a long and healthy life.

The Posh Pet Stroller is also lightweight, weighing only 12 pounds. It also is easy to assemble, arriving almost completely assembled with just a few small parts that snap together. It also folds together easily for travel and storage, with many other reviewers stating that they just keep this stroller in the trunk of their car since they are using it so frequently.

Finally, the Posh Pet Stroller is fairly roomy, with most cats able to sit up in this stroller comfortably without having to crouch or lay down for the entirety of the walk. This means that they can have a full view of the scenery!


For all of the great features of this stroller, there are definitely some drawbacks that should be considered before purchasing this stroller.

There are many different designs of strollers on the market, but with this particular two front wheel, two back wheel design, this stroller does not steer as well as other stroller designs. This could make it difficult to take this stroller on narrow paths or in heavily crowded areas.

Additionally, the material that the wheels are made out of does not allow for a very smooth ride. Many report lots of bumping and shaking during walks or hikes, even if you are on level surface.

The Posh Pet Stroller also does not come with much built-in padding or blankets at the bottom, which can make the ride even more bumpy for your cat. It is necessary to add additional padding, which takes away precious room to stretch out or can hinder your cat from sitting up if they are particularly tall.

There are also some concerns about the durability of both the fabric and the zippers on this carriage. Many have found that the zipper does not stand up to repeated use and that a determined cat, particularly one that has sharp claws and does not want to be in the stroller, is able to escape from this stroller. Unlike many other strollers on the market for cats, this particular stroller does not feature a seatbelt or leash to keep them secure.

Finally, the last drawback of this particular stroller surrounds the weight limitations as advised by the manufacturer. The weight limit is listed at 25 pounds, but a decent number of users have found that cats that are anywhere close to this weight limit are simply not supported, and many of the durability concerns are exacerbated by the weight.

On top of this, some suggest the true best weight limit is more like 10 to 15 pounds. This severely restricts what cats can safely ride in this stroller, as it is not uncommon to find cats that weigh above 15 pounds and not uncommon to meet cats that weigh over 20 pounds.

Additional Information:

Unlike almost any other stroller on the market today, the Posh Pet Stroller does not feature any below the carriage. For some, this is a necessary feature, while others find that it simply adds more weight and unnecessary height to the stroller.


If you are looking for a simple, lightweight, and easy to transport option for a stroller for cats, then this stroller may be a fantastic option for you. There are some drawbacks to this stroller, but all in all, the simplistic Posh Pet Stroller is a very valid option for those who are looking for a basic stroller for their feline friends.

Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller Review


We are currently reviewing various pet strollers, and this particular post will discuss everything you need to know about the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller by Pet Gear for small dogs.

Small dogs can be fantastic for a number of different reasons, from their cuddle friendly size to their apartment friendly needs. However, small dogs can range greatly in activity levels and the ability to keep up with the activity level of their owners. This is where a stroller designed specifically for small dogs comes in handy.

However, there are a wide variety of different strollers for small dogs on the market today, and it can be difficult to navigate the good strollers from the bad, and decide what good stroller is the best option for you. It can definitely be difficult to decipher what features are truly needed for your small dog.

This article will discuss the basics of the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller, as well as any pros, cons, and additional information you need to know in order to make the best decision for you and your family’s needs.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Weight
30 Pounds 24”L x 12”W x 22 ”H 28 Pounds
Wheel Size Tire Colors
12 Inch Air Ride 1 Front, 2 Rear Emerald, Pink Diamond, Sapphire


The Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller is a fantastic option for a small dog pet stroller for a number of different reasons, and may be a great addition for your family’s needs.

The first pro is the Air Ride Wheels. These signature wheels to the Pet Gear brand means that not only does your dog ride in style, but they ride in comfort with these tires, as they absorb the bumps of uneven terrain.

As the name suggests, the No Zip Entry is also a great positive aspect of the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller for a couple of reasons. A no zip entry means that you can load your small dog in and out of this stroller quickly without having to worry about catching their fur in the zipper. The fabric surrounding the entries seem to be a little bit more durable than the fabric on strollers that do have zippers.

This stroller also has a very open front, which helps to keep your curious dog entertained and allows them to feel the wind in their face. The fabric on this carriage is also waterproof, to protect your dog from wayward showers and makes for easy cleanup in the event of accidents.

The handle of this stroller is also much higher than other strollers on this list. At 40 inches, the handle is perfect for those who are on the taller side and who often have to hunch over other stroller handles.

Finally, the Happy Trails no Zip Pet Stroller is a fantastic option for those who have multiple small dogs or just one small to medium dog. While for some families, it is great to have a larger weight limit or room to house more than one dog, some families simply do not need all of that room. This stroller caters perfectly to those who truly need a stroller for a small dog.


There are many positive aspects to the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller by Pet Gear, there are a couple of cons that should be considered prior to purchase.

While the Air Ride Wheels may create a comfortable riding experience for your dog, some people find that trying to steer this particular stroller can be difficult. The front wheel tends to have a mind of its own at times, and the durability of hardware connecting the wheels to the rest of the stroller sometimes seems to be a little bit lacking.

Additionally, the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller also sits up higher in a number of different areas. First, the entrance of this stroller sits about 18 inches off of the ground, which is higher than many other strollers for small dogs that we have reviewed. This may not seem like a big deal for a young, agile canine, this can be a difficult height if your dog is injured, disabled, or elderly. This stroller’s handle also hits at 40 inches, which means if you are on the shorter side, this stroller may seem awkward or uncomfortable to push (although this ia good for taller people, as noted in our Pros section!)

One of the great aspects about this stroller is the fact that it is built specifically for those who only need a small amount of space. However, even with the small size of this stroller, it is fairly heavy, weighing in at 28 pounds. That means that the stroller weighs nearly as much as the recommended weight limit.

Finally, many of the people who have complaints about this stroller have concerns about how to fold this stroller up for storage and travel. Many of the other strollers we have reviewed lately are easy to fold up, the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller causes frustration in this area.

Additional Information:

There is a small mesh compartment below the carriage that allows you to transport any essentials for your pup, such as toys, water dishes, and leashes, as well as any essentials you may have as you are walking, running, hiking, or completing errands.

Additionally, this stroller contains many of the same features that other strollers have, but in many cases, cost a significant amount less than some of the other options we have already reviewed.


With so many different options on the market today, buying a dog stroller for your fur baby can be almost as difficult as buying a stroller for a human child. Safety and comfort should be number one priorities for both you and your small canine, and this stroller should be seriously considered when narrowing down your list for the best pet stroller for your needs. We hope that this article was able to help you decide if the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller is a good option for your needs, and we invite you to check out our other reviews of small dog strollers.

Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller Review


In this review, we will look at the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller in order to help you decide if this stroller is the best product for you and your canine’s needs.

For many years, it seems that pet strollers for dogs have been exclusively used by small dogs and even exotic animals, but for the most people, the idea of using a pet stroller for their large dog seems out of the question. However, there are plenty of different strollers on the market today that can accommodate large breeds, and there are a variety of different reasons that you may find that a stroller is helpful for your family. Old age may be the biggest reason, as many elderly large breed dogs end up developing some sort of arthritis, while other dogs may benefit from a stroller due to permanent disability or short-term injury. For other dogs, they may just be too lazy to keep up with their owner’s busy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason you are looking into buying a large dog stroller, this article will help you to decide if the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is the best option for your family by examining product information, the pros and cons, and any additional information you may need to know to make your decision.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Folded Dimensions
77 Pounds 24.4”L x 13”W x 24”H 37.4”L x 23”W x 41”H 37.4”L x 23”W x 13”H
Tires Weight Colors
2 front, 2 rear 24 Pounds Apple Green, Navy Blue, Brown/Pink


There are quite a few pros about the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller that make it a fantastic option for you and your furry friend. The first is that it is a fairly lightweight option. Weighing in at about 24 pounds, this means that you don’t have to break your back attempting to push around your dog as well as the stroller.

This stroller is also great because it features both a front and rear opening to easy entry and exiting. This is especially helpful for the dogs who are unable to easily turn around and would be stuck facing backwards in a front entrance only stroller.

Additionally, the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is also fairly durable in the frame, and the carriage is made from a heavy-duty material that is long lasting. The carriage is also hand-washable, and the bottom pad is removable, which is particularly handy for those dogs who love to romp in the mud.

This stroller is also unique compared to many other strollers we have reviewed in the fact that the handlebar is adjustable. This is great for households that have a wide variety of heights that will be using this stroller, ensuring a tall person does not have to hunch over or a short person does not have to reach up uncomfortably just to be able to push this stroller.

Finally, this stroller is great as it has a great mesh cover, but it can also be completely folded down to offer your pet a full view around them as you stroll. The carriage of the stroller also has two built-in safety leashes to ensure that if you choose not to use the mesh cover, your pup is safe and secure.


However, there are a couple of cons that should be considered about this particular stroller. The first is that, while there is a handy below the carriage storage compartment, this make the carriage of the stroller sit further up than some other strollers we have reviewed. This may be fine for younger and more agile dogs, if your dog is getting older or has an injury, this may mean it is particularly difficult to get in and out of the stroller safely. It may also mean that you have to struggle to try to help your dog in and out of its carriage, which may be difficult as well.

Additionally, the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller can handle up to 77 pounds of dog. While this is plenty for some breeds of large dogs and can handle multiple small to medium sized dogs, it is somewhat restrictive to what large breeds you can safely allow to ride. If you are looking at a large dog stroller that can accommodate up to 150 pounds of dog, check out our review for the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller.

Finally, while there are not too many concerns with the durability of the stroller’s frame, there is definitely the potential for the plastic frame of this stroller to not stand up to the terrain and time. Some have also found that the frame does not arrive in very great condition, though Ibiyaya is a great brand with fantastic customer service that ensures customers are happy with their products off the get-go.

Additional Information

This stroller features below the carriage storage space, making it easy to take any essentials along with you for long walks, hikes, and running errands. It does also feature a detachable cup holder to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your exercise.


When you are shopping for a new stroller for your large canine companion, there are so many different strollers on the market that can make it very difficult to decide what is the best option for you and your family. Rest assured that the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is a highly rated, very popular option for those who need a stroller for their medium to large breed pooch.

We hope that this review of the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller, and the other reviews we have completed on various large dog strollers, can help you to decide what is best for your needs.