Flexzion Pet Stroller Review


We have been reviewing various pet strollers, and in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Flexzion Pet Stroller for cats.

Cats are incredibly unique creatures, and you have probably experienced a cat that cannot decide whether or not they want to be inside or outside, and insist on crying about it the whole time.

Unfortunately, for many reasons, domesticated cats really shouldn’t be allowed to explore outside on their own, both for their safety as well as the safety for local bird and rodent populations. Thankfully, there are various options that allow you to easily keep track of your feline friend as they are enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

One way to keep track of your cat is investing in a pet stroller designed for cats. One such stroller, the Flexzion Pet Stroller, is a popular option among cat owners for a number of different reasons.

This article will discuss the basics of the Flexzion Pet Stroller, any pros and cons you should consider before making a decision, and any useful information you may need before making your final decision on the best cat stroller for your needs.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
30 Pounds 21”L x 13.5” W x 20”H 33”L x 14”W x 38.5”H
Folded Dimensions Tires Colors
33.5”L x 17”W x 8”H 2 Rear, 2 Front Blue; Yellow; Black Dot; Green Dot


There are plenty of different reasons that you may make the Flexzion Pet Stroller a great option for a pet stroller for your cat.

Compared to many other strollers on the market, this stroller has a unique shape, designed to allow your cat to see around them without being exposed to the weather. This stroller also features an additional rain cover to ensure that your cat, who probably doesn’t enjoy getting wet, is completely protected.

The Flexzion Pet Stroller is a great size for a cat stroller, accommodating up to 30 pounds of feline. This means, whether you have one large cat, two medium sized cats, or a litter of small kittens, your cat can ride around in style. Additionally, this stroller is fairly lightweight, which means that you aren’t pushing around a ton of extra weight beyond the weight of your cats.

This stroller is also fairly easy to set up, and collapses down easily for easy transportation in your car and storage even in the tightest of spaces.

Finally, the Flexzion Pet Stroller contains a fairly spacious compartment, which means that your cat isn’t forced to crouch or hunch over uncomfortably in order to fit into this stroller, which is particularly important if you are taking your cats on regular, long walks or taking them along on your regular daily routine.


There are numerous different reasons that the Flexzion Pet Stroller would be a great option for you and your feline friend, but there are a couple of things to consider when researching everything available for cat strollers.

The biggest concern with this stroller, and many other strollers on this list, is the durability of the zipper. This particular stroller’s zipper seems to be fine if you are using this stroller infrequently, but if you are planning on using this stroller regularly, you may find that the zipper does not last as long as the rest of the stroller.

Additionally, this stroller has a lower storage compartment that means you can bring along essentials on your walks or hikes. However, many have found that this compartment is not very durable, and the clips that hold it together break quickly.

Additionally, we all know that cats are incredibly stubborn and determined creatures, and rarely stay in a place that they do not want to be. The zipper, as well as the fabric, on the Flexzion Pet Stroller, may need to be reinforced on this stroller if your cat is particularly determined or has a history of getting out of similar strollers in order to keep your cat safe. This stroller also does not feature built in leashes like some other strollers we have reviewed, which is a further concern when you are trying to prevent a kitty jailbreak.

The next concern that some have had with this stroller is the durability of the wheels and the hardware that connects the wheels to the rest of the stroller. While the wheels generally ride well, they are made out of a cheaper plastic, and don’t seem to last as long as they should. Additionally, the wheels don’t lock, so that means that the stroller needs to be held steady in order for your cat to safely enter and exit the carriage.

Finally, the Flexzion Pet Stroller does come with a removable pad, but many have found that this pad is lacking in comfort. This, in turn, means that additional pads or blankets are needed to make sure your cat is comfortable.

Additional Information:

As discussed above, there is optional storage space below the carriage in order to easily transport necessary items for both you and your dog. This stroller also offers a removable cup holder that helps you to remember to drink plenty of water throughout your day.


There are so many different options on the market today for pet strollers in general, and though many cat owners have not even considered utilising a stroller for their furry friend, there are plenty of valid options for strollers on the market for cats. While there are definitely some durability concerns about the Flexzion Pet Stroller, this stroller should not be written off completely on your search for a great option for your kitty cat.

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Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller Review


The past few posts, we have been focusing on various pet strollers to introduce you to many different options, and this article will discuss the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller.

More and more, people have been utilizing pet strollers for their small dogs for a number of different reasons, whether to protect their dogs’ paws from the elements, help elderly or injured pets keep up with daily walks, or just simply allow slow or lazy dogs to enjoy their owner’s walks.

However, there are so many different options on the market, so it can seem next to impossible when attempting to narrow down your choices to find the best one to fit you and small dog’s needs.

In order to help you to narrow down your options, this article will go over the basic product information, pros and cons, and any additional information you may need to know to help you decide if the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller will work for you.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Product Weight Interior Dimensions
50 Pounds 18.8 Pounds 25”L x 13”W x 21.5” H
Exterior Dimensions Tires Colors
37”L x 20”W x 40”H 2 Front, 2 Rear Black Onyx


There are a number of different aspects that make the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller a fantastic option for you and your small dogs.

The first being the locking wheels on this particular stroller. Many strollers on this list do not have the locking wheel feature, though it is an important one to have. This allows your dog to safely and easily get in and out of the stroller without you having to brace the stroller to prevent its movement.

Additionally, this stroller is built a little bit differently than some of the other strollers available. Many of them feature mesh and a more square carriage shape, and almost all of them are completely covered. This stroller is shaped more similarly to traditional children’s strollers, completely open in the front, with a convertible canopy that allows the top to be covered or open for your furry friend to fully enjoy the sun or be protected on warmer days.

Due to the open nature of the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller, this stroller also features two permanent leashes attached to the carriage, which allows your pup to enjoy the wind in their face without you having to worry about them making an escape attempt.

This stroller is a popular option for the very active walkers, runners, and hikers, with a padded handle. This comfortable handle means that pushing this stroller multiple miles a week will not cause blisters and will not make your hands tired.

Finally, the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is a very lightweight option, weighing in only at 18 pounds. This means that even if you have a heavy dog and additional cargo in the storage area down below, you are not overexerting yourself on your daily walks.


While there are definitely some positive aspects of this stroller, there are a couple of different things that you should consider prior to making a final decision about the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller.

The first drawback of the stroller is that it is a fairly difficult stroller to assemble, and unfortunately, this stroller does require a fair amount of assembly before use. Mostly, people find that it is particularly difficult to assemble the wheels, though there are other aspects that are troublesome as well.

Additionally, this stroller boasts a large weight capacity and claims that it can handle multiple dogs, but there are some definite concerns about this. Many reviewers are mixed as to whether or not it can truly handle that much weight, with some noting that it becomes increasingly more difficult to manoeuvre safely, quickly, and easily when adding more weight until it becomes virtually impossible.

Others have found that the carriage is able to accommodate the weight of one small to medium sized dog, or two mini to small dogs, but the carriage dimensions are simply not big enough to allow multiple dogs or a dog closer to 50 pounds to sit, lay, or stand comfortably. This is particularly true when the canopy is open.

Additionally, while the stroller is great because it is open, the design does not offer much protection from the sun, wind, and rain, and also does not protect your dog from other animals that may be aggressive.

An additional concern about the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is the durability of the wheels, particularly the front wheel. After struggling to get the wheel to fit right, many have found that the wheels do not manoeuvre as easily as they should, or simply do not hold up well. This may be due to a manufacturing defect, or a side effect of trying too hard to get the wheels on correctly.

Finally, the last concern to keep in mind about this stroller is that it is incredibly important to ensure your dog isn’t chewing on this stroller anywhere. Some have found that over time, or when a dog is allowed to be in this stroller unsupervised, that they are able to chew holes in it or even through the safety leash. Do not leave your dog in this stroller unattended and regularly inspect it for damage.

Additional Information:

The storage compartment below the carriage of this stroller is spacious and is zippered to keep your belongings secure and safe. This stroller also features two cup holders for water bottles to keep you hydrated or caffeinated with some coffee.


With so many options on the market today for pet strollers that cater to small dogs, it can be hard to find which one is the best for you. While this is one of many out there, this stroller’s unique design and zippered storage area makes it a great option for you and your small dog’s needs. We hope that this article helped you to decide if the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is the best for you, and we invite you to check out our other reviews on small dog pet strollers for further research.

Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller Review


Recently, we have been examining pet strollers of all kinds, and in this article, we will provide an in-depth review of the Expedition Pet Stroller for large dogs, by Pet Gear.

For the past few years, more and more people have jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing pet strollers for their dogs, cats, and even small animals. However, for many people, pet strollers are generally reserved for smaller animals, and rarely, if ever, do you find a large dog enjoying a ride in a pet stroller.

However, there is absolutely no reason that owners of large dogs should not utilize doggy strollers. Dogs with injuries, disabilities, or who are afflicted with arthritis in their old age can greatly benefit from a pet stroller, as it allows dogs and their owners to continue a daily routine, be it walks, hikes, or running errands about the town.

However, there are so many options on the market today for pet strollers, so it is not surprising that it can be difficult to find a stroller that best suits the needs of your dog as well as your personal preferences.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear, including product information, pros and cons, and anything else you may need to know to make a decision about this stroller.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
150 Pounds 32”L x 25”W x 24”H 41”L x 31”W x 40”H
Weight Tires Colors
33 Pounds 2 Front, 2 Rear Red, Blue


Without a doubt, the biggest pro of the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear is its ability to carry a lot of dog. This large dog stroller can accommodate up to 150 pounds, which is significantly more weight than most of the other strollers aimed at large dogs on the market today. This stroller also features a roomy interior area, so your large dog breed is able to stretch out or sit up. This also means that you would be able to comfortably fit two medium to large breed dogs in this stroller without a problem.

Additionally, this stroller is easy to get in and out of. Compared to many of the other strollers that we have reviewed for large dogs, this stroller sits much lower to the ground, allowing injured, sore, or old dogs to get in and out of this stroller without assistance or running the risk of injuring themselves.

Many people also appreciate how easy it is to assemble this stroller when it arrives, and the ease of which you can collapse this stroller down to store in your closet or transport in the trunk of your car.

The Expedition Pet Stroller is a fairly open option in terms of windows. Three out of the four sides and the top feature large mesh windows to allow your dog to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, while also keeping them safe from other animals and the undesirable elements.

This stroller also boasts a waterproof interior, which means easy clean up if your dog enjoys a quick swim or jaunt through a stray puddle while on a walk, or if they have an unfortunate accident while out and about.

Finally, one of the great features of this dog stroller that is huge for pet strollers right now is the No Zip entrance. Zippers tend to get caught on the surrounding fabric, damaging the fabric and the zipper itself. Additionally, zippers can also lead to a longer amount of time getting your dog secured into its stroller, which for some excitable dogs, can be an issue.


While there are plenty of different positive aspects to this particular stroller, there are a couple of concerns that should be considered before purchasing this stroller.

The biggest drawback will completely prevent you from purchasing the Expedition Pet Stroller, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, this particular model has been increasingly difficult to obtain in recent months, with many major retailers not currently having it in stock.

The other drawback about this stroller is about the durability. While it is not a common complaint about this stroller, some people have found that after a while, the overall durability of this stroller, and the durability of the wheels in particular, can be a little bit lacking.

Additional Information:

Unlike almost all of the other strollers on this list, this stroller does not feature below the carriage storage. It does, however, feature cupholders to keep water bottles to keep you hydrated, as well as hold smaller necessaries for you and your pooch.

This particular stroller is incredibly popular among large dog pet owners, and the Pet Gear company has been a powerhouse brand in pet strollers and other accessories for a number of years. Many people have found that this company has impeccable customer service.


While there are a couple of different drawbacks on this particular Pet Gear stroller, if you are able to find one, do not hesitate to pick it up! There are plenty of different pros about this stroller that make it a fantastic option for you and your large breed dog’s needs.

We hope that this article, as well as the reviews of the other strollers in the large dog category, will help you to find the best option for both you and your dog. We are confident that the Expedition Pet Stroller is a fantastic option for large dogs, and know that you will be pleased with it as well.