Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller Review


Recently, we have been examining pet strollers of all kinds, and in this article, we will provide an in-depth review of the Expedition Pet Stroller for large dogs, by Pet Gear.

For the past few years, more and more people have jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing pet strollers for their dogs, cats, and even small animals. However, for many people, pet strollers are generally reserved for smaller animals, and rarely, if ever, do you find a large dog enjoying a ride in a pet stroller.

However, there is absolutely no reason that owners of large dogs should not utilize doggy strollers. Dogs with injuries, disabilities, or who are afflicted with arthritis in their old age can greatly benefit from a pet stroller, as it allows dogs and their owners to continue a daily routine, be it walks, hikes, or running errands about the town.

However, there are so many options on the market today for pet strollers, so it is not surprising that it can be difficult to find a stroller that best suits the needs of your dog as well as your personal preferences.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear, including product information, pros and cons, and anything else you may need to know to make a decision about this stroller.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
150 Pounds 32”L x 25”W x 24”H 41”L x 31”W x 40”H
Weight Tires Colors
33 Pounds 2 Front, 2 Rear Red, Blue


Without a doubt, the biggest pro of the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear is its ability to carry a lot of dog. This large dog stroller can accommodate up to 150 pounds, which is significantly more weight than most of the other strollers aimed at large dogs on the market today. This stroller also features a roomy interior area, so your large dog breed is able to stretch out or sit up. This also means that you would be able to comfortably fit two medium to large breed dogs in this stroller without a problem.

Additionally, this stroller is easy to get in and out of. Compared to many of the other strollers that we have reviewed for large dogs, this stroller sits much lower to the ground, allowing injured, sore, or old dogs to get in and out of this stroller without assistance or running the risk of injuring themselves.

Many people also appreciate how easy it is to assemble this stroller when it arrives, and the ease of which you can collapse this stroller down to store in your closet or transport in the trunk of your car.

The Expedition Pet Stroller is a fairly open option in terms of windows. Three out of the four sides and the top feature large mesh windows to allow your dog to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, while also keeping them safe from other animals and the undesirable elements.

This stroller also boasts a waterproof interior, which means easy clean up if your dog enjoys a quick swim or jaunt through a stray puddle while on a walk, or if they have an unfortunate accident while out and about.

Finally, one of the great features of this dog stroller that is huge for pet strollers right now is the No Zip entrance. Zippers tend to get caught on the surrounding fabric, damaging the fabric and the zipper itself. Additionally, zippers can also lead to a longer amount of time getting your dog secured into its stroller, which for some excitable dogs, can be an issue.


While there are plenty of different positive aspects to this particular stroller, there are a couple of concerns that should be considered before purchasing this stroller.

The biggest drawback will completely prevent you from purchasing the Expedition Pet Stroller, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, this particular model has been increasingly difficult to obtain in recent months, with many major retailers not currently having it in stock.

The other drawback about this stroller is about the durability. While it is not a common complaint about this stroller, some people have found that after a while, the overall durability of this stroller, and the durability of the wheels in particular, can be a little bit lacking.

Additional Information:

Unlike almost all of the other strollers on this list, this stroller does not feature below the carriage storage. It does, however, feature cupholders to keep water bottles to keep you hydrated, as well as hold smaller necessaries for you and your pooch.

This particular stroller is incredibly popular among large dog pet owners, and the Pet Gear company has been a powerhouse brand in pet strollers and other accessories for a number of years. Many people have found that this company has impeccable customer service.


While there are a couple of different drawbacks on this particular Pet Gear stroller, if you are able to find one, do not hesitate to pick it up! There are plenty of different pros about this stroller that make it a fantastic option for you and your large breed dog’s needs.

We hope that this article, as well as the reviews of the other strollers in the large dog category, will help you to find the best option for both you and your dog. We are confident that the Expedition Pet Stroller is a fantastic option for large dogs, and know that you will be pleased with it as well.