BestPet Pet Stroller Review


Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing various pet strollers, and this review will go over the Best Pet Stroller for cats, featuring everything you may need to know to make the best decision for you and your feline needs.

Many cat owners find themselves at a loss to between keeping their indoor/outdoor cats safe and allowing them to enjoy the outdoors the way they want to. While cats may love being outside, pet cats are not immune to diseases, predators, and cars that lurk on the outside, and due to their prey drive, can actually cause population issues with local birds and rodents.

Many people try to counter these concerns by letting their cat out on a harness and leash, which can help some of the problems, but doesn’t fully protect your cat. This is where a stroller designed for cats can definitely come in handy. Strollers can also be great for cats who are injured in some way, suffering from arthritis due to old age or have other disabilities that don’t allow them to be outside.

However, there are so many different options available for cat strollers on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. This BestPet Stroller, as well as the four other strollers for cats we have reviewed the past few weeks, are fantastic options for cat strollers.

This article will discuss basic product information of the Best Pet Stroller for Cats, any pros and cons, and any additional information that may be helpful when deciding if this stroller is right for you.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Folded Dimensions
30 Pounds 21”L x 14”W x 19”H 34”L x 17”W x 39”H 32”L x 17”W x 11”H
Wheel Size Tires Colors
6 Inch Wheels 1 Front, 2 Rear Red, Blue


There are a couple of different aspects of the Best Pet Stroller that set it apart from many of the other strollers for cats we have recently reviewed.

The first aspect of this stroller is the zippers. Many times, strollers that have zippers tend to be a little bit inferior for a couple of reasons. The zippers have a tendency to break and ruin the fabric, and it can take a longer time to get your cat safely and easily secured in the stroller when there is a zipper to handle. However, the zippers on this stroller are reinforced, and you won’t have those problems with these zippers.

Additionally, the fabric on this stroller is also of higher quality than many of the other strollers on this list. As any cat owner knows, particularly owners of cats who have all of their claws, a cat that is determined to get out of a weakly designed stroller or inferior fabric will find a way to get out. Strollers with heavy-duty fabric will keep your cat safe and you from having to repair and rebuy multiple strollers.

Additionally, the Best Pet Stroller features plenty of windows and mesh screens that allow your cat to fully enjoy the sun and the wind without compromising their safety, or exposing them to the harsh elements.

This stroller also features front and rear entrances, which allows your cat to move about the stroller easily, and does not force them to back in and out of the stroller, which is particularly important if they are a particularly large cat, or are unable to move easily due to age, disability, or injury.

Finally, the Best Pet Stroller features a comfortable, padded bottom, which allows your pet to ride in style and comfort without compromising the limited space inside of the carriage.


When considering this particular stroller for your cat, there are a couple of different things that should be considered.

The first issue with this stroller, and with many of the other cat strollers we have reviewed, is the durability of the wheels. Many have found that the tires themselves are the first thing to go, and that the hardware that attaches the wheels to the rest of the strollers is not super durable. Additionally, these wheels do not handle well over rough terrain.

Additionally, some find that the three-point design of the Best Pet Stroller trends to be difficult to manoeuvre and steer. If you are planning on taking your cat on walks over rough terrain, winding paths, or are using a stroller daily, there may be better options available.

Additionally, while this stroller is able to hold up to 30 pounds of cat, the space within the carriage can be restrictive, particularly if you are transporting a large breed cat such as Norwegian Forest Cat or Maine Coon, or if you are intending to transport two or more small to medium sized cats.

Finally, the Best Pet Stroller may not be the best option for cats that are suffering from arthritis or injuries that prevent them from being able to jump safely in and out of the stroller. This stroller sits further off the ground than some of the other strollers we have reviewed, which means for safety’s sake, you may need to help your cat in and out of this stroller.

Additional information:

This stroller has a below the carriage storage compartment, which allows you to bring along any necessities on your walk or jog, including food, treats, leashes, toys, and water.


There are a couple of things to consider when you are deciding on whether or not this stroller is right for you, including the long-term durability and how often you will be using it. However, in the end, this Best Pet Stroller for cats is a fantastic choice for many reasons, and we hope that this article helped educate you on whether this stroller or one of the other strollers we have reviewed, is the best fit for you.