How A Dog Stroller Made My Dog Happy Again

Dog strollers are a great way to get your pets outside to enjoy the fresh air. Some people may look at you like you are crazy. Others may judge you for being extravagant. But not all dogs can get out and walk with their pet parents. A dog stroller allows them to live their life to the fullest.

Why We Needed a Dog Stroller

Like many other pet owners, we love our dogs as if they are family. As they age, they can’t get around like they once did. Our blue-tick beagle has a lung disease that prevents her from walking very far. It wasn’t fair to her that we were taking our daily walks at Walnut Woods Metro Park while she was locked up at home. We could see on her face that it was breaking her heart.

Choosing the Stroller

It was impossible to enjoy ourselves when we knew that she was home upset. We couldn’t put her through the torment anymore.

A lot of research went into finding the perfect pet stroller. We ended up settling on the VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller. It looked as if it would be perfect for her and us.

Should I Get A Dog Stroller

Why we Chose the Stroller

  • Lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Holds up to 30 pounds.
  • Mesh window would help protect her.
  • Has storage and cup holders.

Our First Outing

We didn’t know what to expect on our first outing. Would she like it? Would she throw a fit trying to get out? No, she absolutely loved it. Her nose was against the mesh the whole time breathing in all the wonderful smells.

Setting up the dog stroller was a breeze. It was lightweight and unfolded easily. And once we were done, it folded up effortlessly by pressing the two quick-release buttons.

What Others Thought

As we expected, many people first assumed we had a baby. They were surprised to see our dog instead. We got a lot of smiles, and she got a lot of attention, and she loves attention.

We were amazed by the number of people who have considered getting a stroller. They each had their own reason from aggression and safety to health reasons.

Our Dog is Happy Again

Sitting at home was making our dog depressed. She is so much happier now that she is outside more. She gets to sniff the world around her and receives loads of attention. And since she was meeting new people, we wanted her to look her best.

I began crocheting when I was very young. So, I decided that I was going to make her a sweater. I googled the internet and found Crochet-News, that had crochet dog sweater patterns. Now when we go out, she always looks her best. All the regular park visitors know her. When they see us coming, they always give her some love.

Is a Dog Stroller Right for You?

If you have been thinking about purchasing a dog stroller, we would highly recommend it. You wouldn’t believe how much easier it makes things. You can walk at your own pace, and your dog can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

We wish that we wouldn’t have waited so long. Our little girl loves her new ride and begs to go on walks again.

Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller Review


Recently, we have been examining pet strollers of all kinds, and in this article, we will provide an in-depth review of the Expedition Pet Stroller for large dogs, by Pet Gear.

For the past few years, more and more people have jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing pet strollers for their dogs, cats, and even small animals. However, for many people, pet strollers are generally reserved for smaller animals, and rarely, if ever, do you find a large dog enjoying a ride in a pet stroller.

However, there is absolutely no reason that owners of large dogs should not utilize doggy strollers. Dogs with injuries, disabilities, or who are afflicted with arthritis in their old age can greatly benefit from a pet stroller, as it allows dogs and their owners to continue a daily routine, be it walks, hikes, or running errands about the town.

However, there are so many options on the market today for pet strollers, so it is not surprising that it can be difficult to find a stroller that best suits the needs of your dog as well as your personal preferences.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear, including product information, pros and cons, and anything else you may need to know to make a decision about this stroller.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
150 Pounds 32”L x 25”W x 24”H 41”L x 31”W x 40”H
Weight Tires Colors
33 Pounds 2 Front, 2 Rear Red, Blue


Without a doubt, the biggest pro of the Expedition Pet Stroller by Pet Gear is its ability to carry a lot of dog. This large dog stroller can accommodate up to 150 pounds, which is significantly more weight than most of the other strollers aimed at large dogs on the market today. This stroller also features a roomy interior area, so your large dog breed is able to stretch out or sit up. This also means that you would be able to comfortably fit two medium to large breed dogs in this stroller without a problem.

Additionally, this stroller is easy to get in and out of. Compared to many of the other strollers that we have reviewed for large dogs, this stroller sits much lower to the ground, allowing injured, sore, or old dogs to get in and out of this stroller without assistance or running the risk of injuring themselves.

Many people also appreciate how easy it is to assemble this stroller when it arrives, and the ease of which you can collapse this stroller down to store in your closet or transport in the trunk of your car.

The Expedition Pet Stroller is a fairly open option in terms of windows. Three out of the four sides and the top feature large mesh windows to allow your dog to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, while also keeping them safe from other animals and the undesirable elements.

This stroller also boasts a waterproof interior, which means easy clean up if your dog enjoys a quick swim or jaunt through a stray puddle while on a walk, or if they have an unfortunate accident while out and about.

Finally, one of the great features of this dog stroller that is huge for pet strollers right now is the No Zip entrance. Zippers tend to get caught on the surrounding fabric, damaging the fabric and the zipper itself. Additionally, zippers can also lead to a longer amount of time getting your dog secured into its stroller, which for some excitable dogs, can be an issue.


While there are plenty of different positive aspects to this particular stroller, there are a couple of concerns that should be considered before purchasing this stroller.

The biggest drawback will completely prevent you from purchasing the Expedition Pet Stroller, whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, this particular model has been increasingly difficult to obtain in recent months, with many major retailers not currently having it in stock.

The other drawback about this stroller is about the durability. While it is not a common complaint about this stroller, some people have found that after a while, the overall durability of this stroller, and the durability of the wheels in particular, can be a little bit lacking.

Additional Information:

Unlike almost all of the other strollers on this list, this stroller does not feature below the carriage storage. It does, however, feature cupholders to keep water bottles to keep you hydrated, as well as hold smaller necessaries for you and your pooch.

This particular stroller is incredibly popular among large dog pet owners, and the Pet Gear company has been a powerhouse brand in pet strollers and other accessories for a number of years. Many people have found that this company has impeccable customer service.


While there are a couple of different drawbacks on this particular Pet Gear stroller, if you are able to find one, do not hesitate to pick it up! There are plenty of different pros about this stroller that make it a fantastic option for you and your large breed dog’s needs.

We hope that this article, as well as the reviews of the other strollers in the large dog category, will help you to find the best option for both you and your dog. We are confident that the Expedition Pet Stroller is a fantastic option for large dogs, and know that you will be pleased with it as well.

Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller Review


In this review, we will look at the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller in order to help you decide if this stroller is the best product for you and your canine’s needs.

For many years, it seems that pet strollers for dogs have been exclusively used by small dogs and even exotic animals, but for the most people, the idea of using a pet stroller for their large dog seems out of the question. However, there are plenty of different strollers on the market today that can accommodate large breeds, and there are a variety of different reasons that you may find that a stroller is helpful for your family. Old age may be the biggest reason, as many elderly large breed dogs end up developing some sort of arthritis, while other dogs may benefit from a stroller due to permanent disability or short-term injury. For other dogs, they may just be too lazy to keep up with their owner’s busy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason you are looking into buying a large dog stroller, this article will help you to decide if the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is the best option for your family by examining product information, the pros and cons, and any additional information you may need to know to make your decision.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions Folded Dimensions
77 Pounds 24.4”L x 13”W x 24”H 37.4”L x 23”W x 41”H 37.4”L x 23”W x 13”H
Tires Weight Colors
2 front, 2 rear 24 Pounds Apple Green, Navy Blue, Brown/Pink


There are quite a few pros about the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller that make it a fantastic option for you and your furry friend. The first is that it is a fairly lightweight option. Weighing in at about 24 pounds, this means that you don’t have to break your back attempting to push around your dog as well as the stroller.

This stroller is also great because it features both a front and rear opening to easy entry and exiting. This is especially helpful for the dogs who are unable to easily turn around and would be stuck facing backwards in a front entrance only stroller.

Additionally, the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is also fairly durable in the frame, and the carriage is made from a heavy-duty material that is long lasting. The carriage is also hand-washable, and the bottom pad is removable, which is particularly handy for those dogs who love to romp in the mud.

This stroller is also unique compared to many other strollers we have reviewed in the fact that the handlebar is adjustable. This is great for households that have a wide variety of heights that will be using this stroller, ensuring a tall person does not have to hunch over or a short person does not have to reach up uncomfortably just to be able to push this stroller.

Finally, this stroller is great as it has a great mesh cover, but it can also be completely folded down to offer your pet a full view around them as you stroll. The carriage of the stroller also has two built-in safety leashes to ensure that if you choose not to use the mesh cover, your pup is safe and secure.


However, there are a couple of cons that should be considered about this particular stroller. The first is that, while there is a handy below the carriage storage compartment, this make the carriage of the stroller sit further up than some other strollers we have reviewed. This may be fine for younger and more agile dogs, if your dog is getting older or has an injury, this may mean it is particularly difficult to get in and out of the stroller safely. It may also mean that you have to struggle to try to help your dog in and out of its carriage, which may be difficult as well.

Additionally, the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller can handle up to 77 pounds of dog. While this is plenty for some breeds of large dogs and can handle multiple small to medium sized dogs, it is somewhat restrictive to what large breeds you can safely allow to ride. If you are looking at a large dog stroller that can accommodate up to 150 pounds of dog, check out our review for the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller.

Finally, while there are not too many concerns with the durability of the stroller’s frame, there is definitely the potential for the plastic frame of this stroller to not stand up to the terrain and time. Some have also found that the frame does not arrive in very great condition, though Ibiyaya is a great brand with fantastic customer service that ensures customers are happy with their products off the get-go.

Additional Information

This stroller features below the carriage storage space, making it easy to take any essentials along with you for long walks, hikes, and running errands. It does also feature a detachable cup holder to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout your exercise.


When you are shopping for a new stroller for your large canine companion, there are so many different strollers on the market that can make it very difficult to decide what is the best option for you and your family. Rest assured that the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is a highly rated, very popular option for those who need a stroller for their medium to large breed pooch.

We hope that this review of the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller, and the other reviews we have completed on various large dog strollers, can help you to decide what is best for your needs.

HPZ Pet Rover Review


The HPZ Pet Rover is a great option for those who are looking for a pet stroller suitable for large dogs, and this review will discuss everything you might need to know about this particular stroller.

For many, one of the joyous parts of dog ownership is sharing daily exercise together, be it through walks, hikes, or running daily errands. However, for large dog owners whose dogs are injured, handicapped, or just not moving as quickly as they used to, those daily walks can be a little bit more difficult.

This is where a pet stroller for large dogs, such as the HPZ Pet Rover, may come in handy. This article will discuss the basic product information, pros and cons, and any other information that may come in handy when you are trying to find out more about the best option for you and your family’s needs.

Product Details:

Weight Limit Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Folded Dimensions
75 Pounds Convertible Sizing; Max: 23”H x 30”L x 18” W 42”H x 30”L x 18”W 37”L x 26”W x 13”H
Weight Tires Colors
20 Pounds 4 (2 Rear, 2 Front) Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Red


There are a couple of different aspects that make the HPZ Pet Stroller a fantastic option for those who need a good pet stroller for their large canine companion.

First and foremost, this stroller has a top of the line suspension system which allows a smooth ride for both you and your pet regardless of the terrain. This is particularly important if you are taking this stroller on more than just the sidewalk.

Additionally, the HPZ Pet Rover is fairly lightweight, particularly compared to other pet strollers for large dogs. Weighing only 20 pounds, this stroller will not add any excess weight when you are already carting around your large breed dog.

This stroller is also breathable but weatherproof. The cover repels UV rays from the sun as well as rain and other precipitation. Both the interior and the exterior are easy to clean and made from stain-resistant material, and the pads at the bottom of the carriage are removable for machine washing.

Finally, the HPZ Pet Stroller is unique compared to other strollers on the market. This carriage of this stroller can actually be divided into multiple compartments, which is handy if you have small dogs that need to be kept separate during walks, or if you have different species of pets that you plan on taking on walks with you who for their own safety should not be kept in the same compartment.


While there are some definite benefits of the HPZ Pet Rover, there are a couple of things to consider before purchasing this particular stroller for large dogs.

The first concern about this stroller is that the HPZ Pet Rover, particularly compared to other strollers designed for large dog breeds, really does not accommodate a significant amount of weight. Only able to handle 75 pounds of dog, this stroller isn’t able to handle large breeds such as Mastiffs, Saint Bernard’s, and it’s not uncommon for Pit Bull Breeds and Retrievers to be heavier than 75 pounds. If you are looking for a stroller for large dogs that can accommodate heavier animals, check out our reviews of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller or the Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller, which can handle 150 and 110 pounds of dog, respectively.

Another concern about this stroller is that the carriage of this stroller sits fairly above the ground, which means that your dog may not be able to easily jump in and out of this stroller easily, particularly if they are injured or arthritic. While it may be more feasible with smaller breeds, hoisting a dog that’s 75 pounds into the carriage may not be the easiest thing to do regularly.

Many people have also found the weight displacement of this stroller may be a little bit off. Particularly if you are using this for a dog that is closer to the weight limit, many have found that if their pet sits further back in the carriage, the stroller tips backwards unless you are holding onto it firmly. This can also make it more difficult for your dog to get in and out safely.

Some reviewers have also found the quality of the fabric is not quite the quality they were expecting from this particular stroller and has a tendency to rip after a short amount of time. Furthermore, some have found that the HPZ Pet Rover doesn’t have enough cushioning in the carriage for their pet, and they have to take precious space in the carriage.

Finally, some people, especially those of us who are a little bit shorter than average, find that the handlebar of this stroller is just a little bit too high to push comfortably. While this is not a huge deal for those who are using this periodically for short walks, it becomes annoying or tiring for those who are using the HPZ Pet Rover daily or for long outings.

Additional Information:

The HPZ Pet Rover has additional under the carriage storage to ensure that everything you need is along for the ride. This stroller also features a bottle holder to help ensure you stay plenty hydrated throughout your day.


There are plenty of different strollers on the market today, so it can definitely be a challenge in order to find the best one available for both your needs and what will work the best for the comfort and happiness of your canine friend. While there are some concerns about the HPZ Pet Rover, there are plenty of benefits of this stroller as well. We hope that this review has helped you narrow down your search for a pet stroller for large dogs and that the HPZ Pet Rover is a viable option for you and your pooch.

Pet Gear No Zip Stroller Review


There are quite a few strollers for large dogs on the market today, and we have reviewed the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller in order to help you make the best informed decision about your pet stroller needs.

It’s no secret that dogs love their owners, and most of them insist on, or at least try, accompanying their owners everywhere they go. For small dogs, this is a little bit more feasible, but for larger dogs, going out in public can be a little more difficult, as our experience indicates their tails have a tendency to knock over priceless and fragile objects.

Additionally, some large dogs may not be physically capable of going places or with their owners for daily exercise due to amputations or disabilities, illnesses, or simple arthritis due to old age. This is where strollers for large dogs, particularly the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, may come in handy for you and your dog’s specific needs.

This article will go through the basic product information of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, the specific product Pros and Cons, and any additional information you may need to help you make your decision as to whether or not the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller is best for you.

Production Details:

Below is some key product information to consider when looking into the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller. This information may not seem super important but can be what sets one pet stroller for large dogs apart from another option.

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight
150 Pounds 35”L x 24”H x 23”W 37”L x 14”H x 29.5”W 26 Pounds
Wheel Size Tires Colors
12 Inches 3 (1 Front, 2 Rear) Black, Boysenberry, Fog, Candy Red, Dark Platinum, Midnight Blue, Mountain Lilac


In terms of this review, one of the most important aspects of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller is as the name suggests, the no zip entrances. Most of the negative aspects of other strollers for any type of pet centres around the fact that the zippers tend to get caught on the surrounding fabric, ripping fabric, and allowing the dog the option to escape. This particular stroller has buttons that allow easy entry for your pup to get in and out of the stroller.

Beyond that, this stroller can hold up to 150 pounds of canine, making this one of the most accommodating strollers for large dogs on the market today. This means that you can take along many large breeds on your daily walks or on longer trips that are normally not allowed in public outside of dog parks, such as Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, and even larger retriever breeds. This also allows owners of multiple medium sized dogs the ability to only buy one stroller instead of multiple to accommodate their family’s needs. Additionally, the ability to push around your 150-pound dog will also help you maintain your fantastic physique as well.

Furthermore, many large breeds appreciate the ability to stick their heads out of the open top and get some fresh air. This particular stroller features an optional top opening that allows your dog to stick their head out of the stroller to enjoy their surroundings without jeopardizing their safety.

This stroller also features a much lower carriage than other strollers currently on the market. This means that the stroller does sacrifice under the carriage storage space, but it does make it much more accessible for dogs who are unable to jump due to age, injury, or permanent disability.

Finally, this carriage also features two openings, one in the rear and one in the front, which is important for large dogs who may not be able to turn around as easily in cramped spaces.


Unfortunately, some of the pros come with some cons as well. While it is a fairly spacious stroller for your dog if they are laying down for most of the ride, dogs that are tall may be forced to stick their head out of the top opening or bend over the entire time if they wish to sit up during the ride. The interior height is only 24 inches, which means that many breeds are unable to sit up comfortably in this stroller without having their head out, so there is essentially no way to protect your dog from the elements or other dogs.

Additionally, many users have found that the front wheel is not as reliable as it should be, breaking under much less weight than what the manufacturer claims is safe and does not work well on uneven terrain such as sand or hiking trails.

The weight of the stroller itself is fairly hefty itself, weighing in at about 26 pounds. This makes it one of the heaviest strollers on the market for large dogs.

Furthermore, just because these closures are not relying on zippers does not mean that the closures and fabric are foolproof. Some users have found that this stroller needs to be reinforced with zip ties and other methods of reinforcement so their dogs are not able to finagle their way out of the stroller with their nails and/or teeth.

Finally, others have found that the overall quality of this fabric is slightly lacking, and a determined dog may be able to get themselves out of this stroller easily. It is important to inspect your stroller regularly to ensure there are no tear or chew marks that would allow your dog to escape from this stroller.

Additional Information:

Pet Gear is a highly recommended brand in dog accessories and is known for their exemplary customer service. This is a fantastic company to support and work with for all of your dog’s needs.

This stroller also folds up easily for transportation and storage, and assembly of this particular stroller is a breeze as well.


Regardless of the reason you are looking to invest in a large dog stroller, there are multiple options on the market today. We hope that this particular review was able to inform you about the basics of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, and you are able to make an informed decision about what is best for the needs of you and your canine companions.

Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller Review


When people think of doggy strollers, they automatically assume that these are for small dogs, or for particular and picky dogs who don’t like walking on certain types of terrain. However true this may be for some dog owners, there are numerous other reasons you may be looking into a stroller for your medium to large breed dogs, including short-term illness and long-term disabilities, as well as simple old age, that prevents them from being able to keep up with long walks, hikes, and runs.

One of the best models on the market today is the Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller. This is one of the highest rated doggy strollers in its class and will undoubtedly be a fantastic option for you and your family if you are shopping for a stroller for large dogs.

This article will go over the product features, the pros and cons, and any additional information you may need to know about the Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller in order to help you make the most informed decision about your pet stroller purchase.

Product Details:

This section features some of the basics of the Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller.

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight
110 Pounds 31.5”L x 21”H x 25.5”W 31.5”L x 21”W x 4”H 32 Pounds
Colors Tires Wheel Size
Urban Black/Red, Outdoors Grey/Green 3 (1 front swivel tire, 2 rear tires) Swivel Tire: 8.5 Inches;

Back tires: 20 inches


There are a lot of definite positive aspects to this particular stroller. Out of all of the strollers on the market, this one accommodates much more weight than the average stroller, even if it is designed for large dog breeds. 110 pounds can hold many of the common dog breeds, or two 55 pound dogs. This makes it much more versatile than many other products that we have reviewed.

Another fantastic aspect about this stroller is the fact that it is easy to assemble (the majority of the carrier is already assembled on delivery) and easy to fold down for transportation. Additionally, unlike many of the strollers that we have reviewed, it is also incredibly easy to attach to a bicycle if you prefer to pull your pup in the stroller rather than push.

This stroller has excellent padding through the bottom of the carriage, which means you don’t have to take up precious space or adding more weight with additional blankets or cushions, though there is room if additional padding needed for particularly ill or arthritic animals.

Finally, this stroller is very easy to handle over various types of terrain, in part due to the swivel tire. This tire makes it a breeze to manoeuvre, as it will move in whatever direction you need it to, and offer a smooth ride for your canine friend. This means that even if you are taking your dog through tight spaces in public or through the sand at the beach, you are able to move with ease.


While this stroller does accommodate up to 110 pounds, that does limit your options if you have multiple medium sized dogs or if you have a larger breed dog, such as Wolfhounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, or even some large Pitbulls or Retrievers. If you are in need of a stroller that accommodates more than 110 pounds, check out our review of the Expedition Pet Stroller, which can handle up to 150 pounds of puppy love in one very versatile stroller 

Additionally, since this is designed to handle some larger dog breeds, this stroller is somewhat prone to being thrown off balance when your dog is shifting around or laying toward the front of the stroller.

The last concern about this stroller is about the accessibility of your dog getting in and out of this stroller. Compared to other strollers, it is a little bit higher off the ground, which means if your dog has mobility issues, you may have to help your dog in and out of the stroller. Furthermore, some people have found that even if your dog is able to get in and out of the stroller on their own, the three-wheeled design can make the stroller slightly unstable, so it is important to keep hold of the stroller when entering and exiting.

Additional Information:

This stroller is a fantastic, durable stroller that is made by a brand that is well known for their customer service skills, but you will definitely pay for this level of quality. This stroller runs significantly more than many of the other strollers that are on this list, costing about $370 depending on where you purchase this stroller.

This stroller also has plenty of additional storage room for your pet’s accessories, anything you need to bring along on your trip, and also has a cup holder to hold your coffee or water bottles.


As with any major purchase, particularly one that takes into consideration the health and safety of your furry friends, it is important to explore and research all of your options. While there are many general pros and cons of the DoggyRide Novel Dog Stroller, it is no doubt a very high quality stroller, so it is important to consider your own personal needs.

Regardless of the reason you are looking into investing in a stroller for your medium to large breed dogs, the Doggyride Novel Dog Stroller is a fantastic option for numerous different reasons. We hope that this review is helpful in your quest to find the best option for your stroller.