Pet Gear No Zip Stroller Review


There are quite a few strollers for large dogs on the market today, and we have reviewed the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller in order to help you make the best informed decision about your pet stroller needs.

It’s no secret that dogs love their owners, and most of them insist on, or at least try, accompanying their owners everywhere they go. For small dogs, this is a little bit more feasible, but for larger dogs, going out in public can be a little more difficult, as our experience indicates their tails have a tendency to knock over priceless and fragile objects.

Additionally, some large dogs may not be physically capable of going places or with their owners for daily exercise due to amputations or disabilities, illnesses, or simple arthritis due to old age. This is where strollers for large dogs, particularly the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, may come in handy for you and your dog’s specific needs.

This article will go through the basic product information of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, the specific product Pros and Cons, and any additional information you may need to help you make your decision as to whether or not the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller is best for you.

Production Details:

Below is some key product information to consider when looking into the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller. This information may not seem super important but can be what sets one pet stroller for large dogs apart from another option.

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Folded Dimensions Weight
150 Pounds 35”L x 24”H x 23”W 37”L x 14”H x 29.5”W 26 Pounds
Wheel Size Tires Colors
12 Inches 3 (1 Front, 2 Rear) Black, Boysenberry, Fog, Candy Red, Dark Platinum, Midnight Blue, Mountain Lilac


In terms of this review, one of the most important aspects of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller is as the name suggests, the no zip entrances. Most of the negative aspects of other strollers for any type of pet centres around the fact that the zippers tend to get caught on the surrounding fabric, ripping fabric, and allowing the dog the option to escape. This particular stroller has buttons that allow easy entry for your pup to get in and out of the stroller.

Beyond that, this stroller can hold up to 150 pounds of canine, making this one of the most accommodating strollers for large dogs on the market today. This means that you can take along many large breeds on your daily walks or on longer trips that are normally not allowed in public outside of dog parks, such as Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, and even larger retriever breeds. This also allows owners of multiple medium sized dogs the ability to only buy one stroller instead of multiple to accommodate their family’s needs. Additionally, the ability to push around your 150-pound dog will also help you maintain your fantastic physique as well.

Furthermore, many large breeds appreciate the ability to stick their heads out of the open top and get some fresh air. This particular stroller features an optional top opening that allows your dog to stick their head out of the stroller to enjoy their surroundings without jeopardizing their safety.

This stroller also features a much lower carriage than other strollers currently on the market. This means that the stroller does sacrifice under the carriage storage space, but it does make it much more accessible for dogs who are unable to jump due to age, injury, or permanent disability.

Finally, this carriage also features two openings, one in the rear and one in the front, which is important for large dogs who may not be able to turn around as easily in cramped spaces.


Unfortunately, some of the pros come with some cons as well. While it is a fairly spacious stroller for your dog if they are laying down for most of the ride, dogs that are tall may be forced to stick their head out of the top opening or bend over the entire time if they wish to sit up during the ride. The interior height is only 24 inches, which means that many breeds are unable to sit up comfortably in this stroller without having their head out, so there is essentially no way to protect your dog from the elements or other dogs.

Additionally, many users have found that the front wheel is not as reliable as it should be, breaking under much less weight than what the manufacturer claims is safe and does not work well on uneven terrain such as sand or hiking trails.

The weight of the stroller itself is fairly hefty itself, weighing in at about 26 pounds. This makes it one of the heaviest strollers on the market for large dogs.

Furthermore, just because these closures are not relying on zippers does not mean that the closures and fabric are foolproof. Some users have found that this stroller needs to be reinforced with zip ties and other methods of reinforcement so their dogs are not able to finagle their way out of the stroller with their nails and/or teeth.

Finally, others have found that the overall quality of this fabric is slightly lacking, and a determined dog may be able to get themselves out of this stroller easily. It is important to inspect your stroller regularly to ensure there are no tear or chew marks that would allow your dog to escape from this stroller.

Additional Information:

Pet Gear is a highly recommended brand in dog accessories and is known for their exemplary customer service. This is a fantastic company to support and work with for all of your dog’s needs.

This stroller also folds up easily for transportation and storage, and assembly of this particular stroller is a breeze as well.


Regardless of the reason you are looking to invest in a large dog stroller, there are multiple options on the market today. We hope that this particular review was able to inform you about the basics of the Pet Gear No Zip Stroller, and you are able to make an informed decision about what is best for the needs of you and your canine companions.