Deluxe Pet Stroller Cart Review


When you hear the phrase “deluxe pet stroller cart,” one would automatically assume that this is a cart that is designed specifically with dogs in mind, as dogs are the pet that most commonly accompanies their owners on hikes, walks, and runs. However, this pet stroller is one of the most popular options for owners who wish to include their feline companions in on their daily exercise or errands. While it is very dependent on personality, cats can be notoriously stubborn, and walking a cat on a leash can not only be difficult, but potentially dangerous. Therefore, choosing a cat stroller that protects your cats from the elements and potential predators is absolutely essential.

However, there are multiple strollers for cats on the market today, so it can be difficult to sift through the best options for you and your cat. Here is our personal review of one of the best strollers for felines on the market.

This article will discuss basic product information of the Paw Essentials Deluxe Pet Stroller Cart, pros and cons, as well as any additional information you might need in order to make the best decision for which cat stroller is best for the needs of everyone involved.

Product Details:

This section will contain some basic information about the Pet Essential Deluxe Pet Stroller Cart. Some of these details may not seem pertinent at first, but can definitely help you make the best decision for which stroller may be best for you and your kitty cat.

Weight Limit Interior Dimensions Exterior Dimensions
33 Pounds 21”L x 13”W x 21”H 30”L x 13”W x 37”H


Weight Tires Colors
14.8 Pounds 4 Tires (2 Front, 2 Rear) White/Blue; Army Green; Black/Red


There are multiple great features of this particular cat stroller that makes it a fantastic option for you and your feline friend. First, this carrier can handle up to 33 pounds of cat safely, which means if you have a particularly large cat, two to three small to medium cats, or even a litter full of kittens or somewhere in between, you can bring everyone with you on your daily walks or runs.

Additionally, the interior of this particular deluxe pet stroller cart is spacious, so at 21 inches tall, your adult cat won’t have to duck or lay down the entire time, which means that they are able to get a full view. The dimensions also mean that you can fit multiple cats comfortably without them having to sit on top of each other. The carriage has a waterproof pad at the bottom, which makes any necessary cleaning a breeze, even in the event of unfortunate accidents or water spills.

Other reviewers have found that the way that the wheels are designed is a huge plus as well. The front wheels rotate 360 degrees, which means that even if you are on rocky or uneven terrain, you will easily be able to navigate this deluxe pet stroller cart. The rear wheels also lock to ensure that your cat is able to get into a stroller without it wobbling or rolling away.

Finally, this stroller is lightweight and quickly snaps into place for easy assembly and the release mechanism allows for an easy collapse as well . This makes it an ideal option for you if you plan on folding the stroller up and down frequently for transportation in your car or storage in a closet.


One of the biggest concerns about this stroller is about the zipper and the surrounding fabric. Many have found that the zipper has a tendency to get caught in the fabric, weakening both until the zipper eventually stops working or the fabric begins to rip. Since being able to close and secure this stroller is key to keeping your cat safe, it is important to be careful about zipping up the opening to ensure this stroller doesn’t become damaged quickly. A determined cat, particularly one who doesn’t like to be caged, or one who is easily scared, can quickly escape from damaged material. Some reviewers even find that even if the material is not damaged, a very mischievous cat could eventually claw their way through this material, exposing them to potential dangers.

Furthermore, the carriage stroller sits fairly high of the ground, which may be problematic. Most cats are fairly agile, meaning that they can jump in and out of this stroller fairly easy. However, a cat who is disabled, ill, or just arthritic and old may have issues getting in and out of this stroller safely, and young cats would probably struggle to get in and out safely as well.

Additional Information:

This stroller features plenty of space below the actual carriage, which means there is plenty of additional room for blankets, toys, and any personal effects that you may wish to bring with you. The stroller also features a drink holder to make sure you stay properly hydrated or get your caffeine fix in during your daily walk.


The Deluxe Pet Cart Stroller is a fantastic option for you and your cat who is looking to get out in the fresh air. Having a quality stroller will be key to keeping your cat healthy and keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. While there are some drawbacks to this particular stroller, this Pet Essentials Deluxe Pet Stroller Cart is a fantastic option no matter if you have one large cat or multiple smaller feline friends that want to accompany you along with your daily exercise or scenic hike.