Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller Review


The past few posts, we have been focusing on various pet strollers to introduce you to many different options, and this article will discuss the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller.

More and more, people have been utilizing pet strollers for their small dogs for a number of different reasons, whether to protect their dogs’ paws from the elements, help elderly or injured pets keep up with daily walks, or just simply allow slow or lazy dogs to enjoy their owner’s walks.

However, there are so many different options on the market, so it can seem next to impossible when attempting to narrow down your choices to find the best one to fit you and small dog’s needs.

In order to help you to narrow down your options, this article will go over the basic product information, pros and cons, and any additional information you may need to know to help you decide if the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller will work for you.

Product Information:

Weight Limit Product Weight Interior Dimensions
50 Pounds 18.8 Pounds 25”L x 13”W x 21.5” H
Exterior Dimensions Tires Colors
37”L x 20”W x 40”H 2 Front, 2 Rear Black Onyx


There are a number of different aspects that make the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller a fantastic option for you and your small dogs.

The first being the locking wheels on this particular stroller. Many strollers on this list do not have the locking wheel feature, though it is an important one to have. This allows your dog to safely and easily get in and out of the stroller without you having to brace the stroller to prevent its movement.

Additionally, this stroller is built a little bit differently than some of the other strollers available. Many of them feature mesh and a more square carriage shape, and almost all of them are completely covered. This stroller is shaped more similarly to traditional children’s strollers, completely open in the front, with a convertible canopy that allows the top to be covered or open for your furry friend to fully enjoy the sun or be protected on warmer days.

Due to the open nature of the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller, this stroller also features two permanent leashes attached to the carriage, which allows your pup to enjoy the wind in their face without you having to worry about them making an escape attempt.

This stroller is a popular option for the very active walkers, runners, and hikers, with a padded handle. This comfortable handle means that pushing this stroller multiple miles a week will not cause blisters and will not make your hands tired.

Finally, the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is a very lightweight option, weighing in only at 18 pounds. This means that even if you have a heavy dog and additional cargo in the storage area down below, you are not overexerting yourself on your daily walks.


While there are definitely some positive aspects of this stroller, there are a couple of different things that you should consider prior to making a final decision about the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller.

The first drawback of the stroller is that it is a fairly difficult stroller to assemble, and unfortunately, this stroller does require a fair amount of assembly before use. Mostly, people find that it is particularly difficult to assemble the wheels, though there are other aspects that are troublesome as well.

Additionally, this stroller boasts a large weight capacity and claims that it can handle multiple dogs, but there are some definite concerns about this. Many reviewers are mixed as to whether or not it can truly handle that much weight, with some noting that it becomes increasingly more difficult to manoeuvre safely, quickly, and easily when adding more weight until it becomes virtually impossible.

Others have found that the carriage is able to accommodate the weight of one small to medium sized dog, or two mini to small dogs, but the carriage dimensions are simply not big enough to allow multiple dogs or a dog closer to 50 pounds to sit, lay, or stand comfortably. This is particularly true when the canopy is open.

Additionally, while the stroller is great because it is open, the design does not offer much protection from the sun, wind, and rain, and also does not protect your dog from other animals that may be aggressive.

An additional concern about the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is the durability of the wheels, particularly the front wheel. After struggling to get the wheel to fit right, many have found that the wheels do not manoeuvre as easily as they should, or simply do not hold up well. This may be due to a manufacturing defect, or a side effect of trying too hard to get the wheels on correctly.

Finally, the last concern to keep in mind about this stroller is that it is incredibly important to ensure your dog isn’t chewing on this stroller anywhere. Some have found that over time, or when a dog is allowed to be in this stroller unsupervised, that they are able to chew holes in it or even through the safety leash. Do not leave your dog in this stroller unattended and regularly inspect it for damage.

Additional Information:

The storage compartment below the carriage of this stroller is spacious and is zippered to keep your belongings secure and safe. This stroller also features two cup holders for water bottles to keep you hydrated or caffeinated with some coffee.


With so many options on the market today for pet strollers that cater to small dogs, it can be hard to find which one is the best for you. While this is one of many out there, this stroller’s unique design and zippered storage area makes it a great option for you and your small dog’s needs. We hope that this article helped you to decide if the Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is the best for you, and we invite you to check out our other reviews on small dog pet strollers for further research.